Bhavani Koffee Kettle Drip Filter 3.0 - 9 cups

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1. Take Bhavani kettle filter and remove the plunger from the coffee basket 2. Spread Bhavani Ebony Koffee evenly in the basket. Insert the plunger down lightly and pour hot water of 1:8 ( for eg., for 100g of Bhavani filter coffee powder pour 800ml of water). 3. Let the coffee brew descent to the lower Container of the filter to the last drop. 4. Add Decoction/Extract to the cup and enjoy our Traditional Drip Filter Coffee.

  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Brew the coffee in 5 to 7 mts
  • Great Aroma
  • Feel the Long Lasting Taste
  • Easy to Brew Coffee

Price Rs.845
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