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Black magic spells are incantations that are repeatedly said like a prayer to call upon unseen and unknown supernatural and evil forces that dominate nature. Magic spells have the power to awaken dormant evil spirits with devastating effects that are not visible to human beings. This means that it is impossible to see how these spells work yet they have a supreme way of setting vibrations. According to the physics of sound vibrations, these vibrations give rise to rarefaction and compressions that give negative powers the energy to achieve their intentions.
It’s important to note that black magic uses specific incantations. Black magic spells use dynamic words in a hard-hitting manner that is pronounced and articulated to produce vehement vibrations. Two similar amplitudes give rise to a resonance that makes the surrounding air vibrate with greater amplitude.
How They Are Used

Aside from incantations, people who cast magic spells use hand movements to set in motion dark energies that realistically don’t exist. Because their gravitational effects are superior to other matter, it is possible to prove they indeed exist. Their true potential is contributed by the fact that they have a high mass-energy density.

Black magic incantations and spells are usually chanted when it is dark because it is at this time that changes happen to reality and unseen forces responsible for the evolution of man and creation of the universe are at their peak of activity. Thinning of veils is the name used to refer to this hour when there is a transition between reality and the occult universe. At this time, many things happen because there is a lot of tremendous power. Black magic spells rely on the supernatural and only trustworthy witch doctors should enforce them.
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