Isomars Pen Knife / Surgical Knife

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Isomars Surgical/Pen Knife is widely used in industry as the top sharpening material. It is virtually everlasting, keeps its shape and sharpens the hardest materials eg. ceramic,stainless steel to the finest edge. The unique design of the file cross-section allows the sharpening of a multitude of different items . The sharpening rod can be retracted and stored within the anodised aluminium case. Simply twist the sleeve to lock/release the tool. Use the Flat Face of the tool to produce a razor sharp edge on any number of difficult to sharpen tools. Use the V shaped grooved channel for precision point sharpening e.g. darts, fishhooks, scribers, bradawls etc. Use the curved side to sharpen serrated blades or to smooth any other curved surfaces even glass chips. Use as small file for model making, metal or wood work. Includes one blade holder and three blades pack.

  • Non-slip Finger Grip surface on chuck for positive control in use.
  • Isomars is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of all kinds of Technical Drawing and Fashion Designing instruments since the year 1959. Since the incorporation of the company in the year 1959, we have focussed on the high quality products at competitive price through our in house manufacturing capacity which enables our customers to get the best possible quality products at the competitive price.
  • We are currently supplying our products to various fashion designing institutes, engineering/architectural colleges ,jewelry designing institutes and stores based in various parts of the world including USA, UK, UAE, Thailand, South Africa ,Australia etc.

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